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"The first 15 years of my professional life were spent in the throws of a corporate life predominately becoming a self-taught expert in advertising, branding and marketing. While growing multiple businesses from the ground up, I discovered a passion for leadership. As corporate life became less challenging and fulfilling, I left corporate only to find I had an identity crisis: who was I without my CMO title?

As I dove into my own personal development journey, I learned even more about leadership from a holistic approach that required giving up attachments to my external identity. Now I’m able to help others as a Holistic Leadership Coach to gain insight on their own personal growth path, which empowers and equips them to create an aligned life they love; personally, professionally and beyond."

Misti is an international speaker, author, spiritual advisor, Certified Holistic Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer and Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor. A self proclaimed creative at heart, Misti is a ‘passionista’ for living well and loving others. Her fun-loving spirit inspires and her support is an empowering platform to help her clients stay grounded and balanced as they learn to CREATE a life they legit love.


"Our work and home lives are becoming one again. This is the future of leadership on our planet."


Dr. Charles E. Bowie, Professor


"I had an absolutely amazing experience with Misti.  I really loved the structure to her coaching and how she was able to see me presently (where I am now) and provide structure laden feedback.  Her feedback gave me insight into where I could go.  I could see pictures and images based on her feedback.  She really turned me back to myself, which is what all great teachers do.  The great thing about it is that she did this in a structured, empathetic way.  Another thing that I was really captured by in our time together was her presence.  Misti was “there” completely.  She showed up, which is very important in one on one and even group settings.  I recommend Misti with the greatest of confidence and enthusiasm.  She is a top-notch coach!"

Shauna Bauhs, CHC


"Misti is such a natural. I have worked one on one with her in the past, and group coaching was no different! I’m always blown away by her ability to create a safe and sacred space and I am constantly looking to her for guidance. Every time I work with Misti I walk away learning more about myself than I ever expected which allows me to show up better in my own life as a wife, as a woman and as a coach."

Michele Stans, CHC - Soul Coach & Intuitive Services


"Misti’s coaching was so on point!  As a coach myself, sometimes I get stuck in my own head.  Misti’s methods of compassionate feedback really helped me get clear on my mission, what that truly meant for me and how to access it.  This has helped me expand my work and my business. I am looking forward to working with Misti again so unlock more of my leadership potential as my business expands!"


coaching with Misti

Corporate Wellness/Holistic Leadership Coaching

Group coaching for your corporate staff, management and leadership. Misti provides insights on the collective nature of our personal and professional lives. She provides a platform to consider a holistic approach to corporate wellness. Includes Q and A session.

Feedback/Observation Sessions

Utilizing her trademarked methodology, Misti observes interactions and inspires a deeper dive into areas of blocked potential through direct and purposeful feedback. Designed for groups and individuals who want to significantly up their game at work, home and in life!

Spiritual Mentorship

Holistic Health is about cultivating an empowered approach to every aspect of our life, as in the "whole" being. Your spiritual wholeness matters when considering this balance. Misti is a recognizable public figure on Spirituality and Metaphysical Theology. Coaching is done in person, online or in groups.

The Future of Leadership

“When you connect with a coach who is aligned with your existing life goals, that’s good. But, when you connect with a coach who sees your ‘human potential’ holistically and SPIRITUALLY, that’s where the magic happens. It’s no longer divided, our personal, professional and spiritual lives are becoming one again. This is the future of leadership and healing on our planet.“


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